—Investment Criteria—

Referencia International invests in companies operating in the wider consumer goods and services sector only.

Our primary geographic focus is companies based in or with a brand heritage associated with France and Italy although we will consider companies based in other European countries in sub-sectors we have a particular knowledge of such as footwear and apparel.

We will consider various types of investment such as development capital, leverage buy-outs or turnarounds with existing owners or supporting a new or existing management team. We are not interested in investing in start-ups or concept companies.

We will commit to invest between € 1 million and € 5 million in an investment, either immediately or over time. We are willing to bring in additional partners in special cases if a larger investment is needed over time or for strategic reasons.

We will consider both majority and minority investments; it is important for us that in either case, all parties are aligned in terms of vision and routes for exit.

We are equity investors and not a bank or lender; whilst we will consider various types and forms of equity investment as required, we seek to realise equity returns and to realise an exit typically in a 3 to 5 year timeframe following the initial investment.