—Working With Management For Success—

Our focus is to identify opportunities in the consumer discretionary sector where the business model can be adjusted to gain market share or grow by developing new markets. In many cases, the best opportunities arise with companies that are ready to grow but that don't know how as operating in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting and challenging for small businesses.

Through the experience and the track record we bring, we can help owners and managers better understand and grasp the potential of transformation. Our partners aim to spend all the time required helping the businesses we invest in to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

Through years of managing businesses and establishing Referencia International, we have developed an extensive international network in the US, BRIC countries and in Europe, which is a real asset to Referencia investee companies and allows them to benefit from our international network for advice on branding, design and marketing, to create new sales channels and to develop strategies for growth. We can also help to improve strategic planning, identify strengths and weaknesses and optimise corporate structure to allow a business to grow to the next level.

Because of the size of business we invest in, we believe that this commitment will add real value and ensure that together with managers and owners all parties work together for an optimal exit. Our goal is to work together for success as partners and not just as investors.